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Welcome to our brand new instructional DVD – a first for Spry Fly NZ.  In conjunction with Wizardworks Productions Pty. Ltd., we are proud to present the first in our series of fly fishing instructional presentations. 

In this 40 minute feature, we present a number of casting tutorials to aid both the beginner and intermediate caster.  With clear and concise presentation from Will Spry, and on screen graphics to aid in your understanding of the concepts, viewers are taken step-by-step through the processess involved in learning how to make better, faster and longer casts to trout. Remembering that trout (and fish generally!) are likely to shy away from your presentations if you alert them to your presence, we emphasise the importance of being able to cast accurately and as quickly as possible, before the fish even realises that you are there.  This is all presented amidst an angler's wonderland, in the Central South Island region of New Zealand.

(Do note that, to make this presentation available to a global audience, it has been made in NTSC format and region-free, all computers will play this DVD, as will the set-top players output to TV. Some older PAL TVs may have problems delivering the data from the DVD Player.)

The DVD is available on-line, with credit card safety and security ensured with PayPal.  Simply follow the prompts below using PayPal to order your copy on-line.  The on-line price is just US$35.95 per copy, plus postage and handling (US$7.95). 

Alternatively, phone, fax or mail Spry Fly NZ directly to order your copy from us in New Zealand dollars.

Priced at NZ$59.95 plus postage and handling* (*from NZ$6.95 posted to a New Zealand address and NZ$9.95 to Australia via air-mail).  We expect to dispatch your order the same day.  Contact details can be found below.

In the meantime, here’s a short Quicktime trailer for you to have a sneak preview of.  The file format, is best suited to Broadband connections at 2MB total size.  Dial-up connections will take some time to download.

We currently have two further productions underway, if you'd like to be kept up to date on the release of these DVD's, simply subscribe to our newsletter.

Some comments from USA trade-show pre-releases!

"This is the first time I have written about a product, but the success I've had after watching your video was nothing short of miraculous. We were fishing the Bitterroot River in Montana, it seemed as if the fish knew where we were and stayed just out of range of our casts.  Using your methods, I cast 20' further than my partners and in seconds had a 21" brown beauty hooked! Best video on the subject in the world!"  Jim Reisman - Dublin, CA, USA   

"This DVD is an absolute must for those of us who didn't have the time to actually visit the fly casting master in New Zealand! Will Spry teaches his techniques simply, sagely, and with the elegance of the truly masterful fly fisherman he is. The material is concise, well organized and the New Zealand backdrop is, as you would expect, stunning. Don't miss this little gem"  Tom Cowper -  Chesterland, OHIO, USA

The best presentation of the fundamentals of fly-casting I have ever seen.  A clear practical and logical approach to the mechanics of efficient fly-casting.
Harry K. Moon MD Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA

"Before I watched the DVD Fly Casting with Will Spry, I would more often than not spook the fish because of inaccurate casting or not be able to cast those extra few yards.  I now am able to cast further, more accurately and catch fish."  Rob Stead, Melbourne, Australia

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Spry Fly NZ

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Spry Fly NZ, P.O. Box 7, Twizel, New Zealand

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