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Sight fishing the backcountry of New Zealand is a real thrill for most anglers.

In the crystal clear waters of the Mackenzie Basin, fish respond positively and predictably to a fly dancing on the surface or nymph swinging deep below a strike indicator. Enjoy world class sight fishing to both brown and rainbow trout, in peaceful surroundings, with Spry Fly New Zealand.

Spry Fly is a company with over 30 years of experience in assisting fly fishermen of all abilities fully appreciate the joys of fly fishing. Whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced angler, Spry Fly NZ offers a wide range of fishing opportunities and experiences, from fly fishing schools to extended guided fishing trips. Find out why 90% of our business is repeat clientele.

Come and join us - you'll thrill to a backdrop of towering snow-clad mountains, sheer valleys and vast flood plains through which braided rivers twist. Take a tour through our pages to discover what fishing in New Zealand is all about - and how Spry Fly New Zealand can make it all a reality for you.

Breaking News!

1. While we are making progress, we are not quite there yet. That is for raft fishing which we are hoping to re-introduce this season. In particular the Waitaki River is in our sights, with excellent numbers and quality of fish in the river, despite the presence of Didymo. We'll keep you updated when we get there with the rafting..

2. For the social media minded, we do have a Facebook presence, which I'd love to have you follow, where you can be kept up to date with fishing conditions and other news from around the region. Follow Spry Fly NZ on

3. Subscribe to our latest newsletter - about to be updated, Receive updates on the fishing, special fishing tips and upcoming events with Spry Fly New Zealand. You'll find a copy of the latest Fly Lines - Winter 2016 here.

4. Things are warming up and the mountains are well snow covered. Plenty of thaw ahead for the summer to keep those rivers and lakes well topped up. Things are looking good with great numbers of fish up the rivers spawning and a real buzz starting to come into the air. . Contact us for details of this season as soon as possible, as we are booking up quickly

5. Anyone who was around in the early days of Spry Fly in Australia (Remember Mike Spry's School of Fly Fishing in Khancoban?), will be sad to note the loss of a bit of nostalgia, with the burning down of the original classrooms in Khancoban. I will always remember the water tanks with flies in them, insect samples all carefully preserved and lined up, fly tying kit, wader store and most remarkable to me as a young lad, the scores of footprints painted on the ceiling of the Kitchen/dining room. I hate to think how much alcohol was consumed before these brave stunts were performed. It is a sad loss as the last remaining vestage of Mike's Classes.

5. A reminder about the non-resident angler licenses that have been introduced. They can be bought online and should be ordered before you trip, to make the process easier. Check out the Fish and Game website for more details about the new licensing system, where you can also purchase your licenses in preparation for the start of the season.

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